Publications in Yearbook 2018

Book Review

  1. 241.
    Daston, L.: Separated by birth: a 'fantastic binomial' and the role of imagination in science. Review of: Pimentel, Juan: The Rhinoceros and the Megatherium: an essay in natural history. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press 2017. (2017)
  2. 242.
    De Risi, V.: Review of: Chemla, Karine, Renaud Chorlay and David Rabouin (Eds) The Oxford handbook of generality in mathematics and the sciences. Oxford University Press 2016
. (2017)
  3. 243.
    Lefèvre, W.: Review of: Renn, Jürgen, Wilhelm Osthues and Hermann Schlimme (eds): Wissensgeschichte der Architektur. 3 volumes. Berlin: Edition Open Access 2014. (2017)
  4. 244.
    Lefèvre, W.: Review of: Gibson, Susannah: Animal, vegetable, mineral? How eighteenth-century science disrupted the natural order. Oxford: Oxford University Press 2015. (2018)
  5. 245.
    Schwerin, A. v.: Review of: Seefried, Elke: Zukünfte: Aufstieg und Krise der Zukunftsforschung 1945-1980. Berlin: de Gruyter 2015. (2017)
  6. 246.
    Valleriani, M.: Review of: Bredekamp, Horst: Galileis denkende Hand: Form und Forschung um 1600 (Galileo's O, vol. 4). Berlin: DeGruyter 2014. (2017)
  7. 247.
    Wang, S.: Review of: Salter, Mark B. (Ed.): Making Things International 2: Catalysts and Reactions. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press 2016. (2017)

Collected Edition

  1. 248.
    Daston, L. (Ed.): Science in the archives: pasts, presents, futures. The University of Chicago Press, Chicago (2017), 397 pp.
  2. 249.
    Feldhay, R.; Ragep, F. J. (Eds.): Before Copernicus: the cultures and contexts of scientific learning in the fifteenth century. McGill-Queen’s University Press, Montreal (2017), 344 pp.
  3. 250.
    Fransen, S.; Hodson, N.; Enenkel, K. (Eds.): Translating early modern science. Brill, Leiden (2017), 344 pp.
  4. 251.
    Friedrich, B.; Hoffmann, D.; Renn, J.; Schmaltz, F.; Wolf, M. (Eds.): One hundred years of chemical warfare: research, deployment, consequences. Springer International Publishing, Heidelberg (2017), 408 pp.
  5. 252.
    Hardenberg, W. G. v.; Kelly, M.; Leal, C.; Wakild, E. (Eds.): The nature state: rethinking the history of conservation. Routledge, London (2017), 227 pp.
  6. 253.
    Heintel, P.; Rheinberger, H.-J.; Tretter, F.; Zinggl, W.: Wissenschaft:Kunst - Sind Künstler Forscher und Forscher Künstler? Wieser Verlag, Klagenfurt am Wörthersee (2017), 129 pp.
  7. 254.
    Ienna, G.; Rispoli, G. (Eds.): Boris Hessen: Le radici sociali ed economiche della meccanica di Newton. Castelvecchi, Rome (2017), 150 pp.
  8. 255.
    Lam, J. S. C.; Lin, S.-f.; de Pee, C.; Powers, M. (Eds.): Senses of the city: perceptions of Hangzhou and southern Song China, 1127–1279. The Chinese University Press, Hong Kong (2017), 352 pp.
  9. 256.
    Neswald, E.; Smith, D. F.; Thoms, U. (Eds.): Setting nutritional standards: theory, policies, practices. University of Rochester Press, Rochester (2017), 230 pp.
  10. 257.
    Roberts, L. L.; Werrett, S. (Eds.): Compound histories: materials, governance, and production, 1760-1840. Brill, Leiden (2018), 387 pp.
  11. 258.
    Szeman, I.; Blacker, S.; Sully, J. (Eds.): A companion to critical and cultural theory. Wiley Blackwell, Hoboken, NJ (2017), 564 pp.
  12. 259.
    Valleriani, M. (Ed.): The structures of practical knowledge. Springer, Cham (2017), 491 pp.


  1. 260.
    Becchi, A.: Naufragi di terra e di mare: da Leonardo da Vinci a Theodor Mommsen alla ricerca dei codici Albani ; edizione del manoscritto XIII.F.25, cc. 129-136 della Biblioteca Nazionale di Napoli a cura di Oreste Trabucco. Edizioni di Storia e Letteratura, Rome (2017), 202 pp.
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