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No blank cheques

February 17, 2015

Ten years ago, on 16 February 2005, the Kyoto Protocol came into force. [more]

Climate Research . Computer Science . Microbiology


A day in the life of the oceans

June 20, 2014

The sea is teeming with microorganisms. But the communities they form are highly diverse, and still underexplored. [more]

Climate Research . Earth Sciences . Ecology


“I doubt that we will meet the two-degree target”

April 17, 2014

Interview with Max Planck director Jochem Marotzke on the IPCC report. [more]



Biodiversity must be restored

May 18, 2011

The global extinction of species is rapidly accelerating. We still have a chance to stop it. But time is of the essence. A simple strategy based on the biotope network model at Lake Constance shows a way out of the biodiversity crisis.

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Options for a new energy scenario

April 12, 2011

The regular recurrence of ‘all-time high’ oil prices is clear proof of the finite nature of fossil energy sources. [more]

Climate Research . Ecology


Agriculture is plowing up the climate

February 15, 2010

Since the earliest beginnings of agriculture and livestock farming, humanity has been transforming areas of natural vegetation into cropland and pastures. However, the vegetation covering the continents influences our climate in a variety of ways. [more]

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